HAPI Staff

Paul staffPastor Paul Prèvost
General Director, Emeritus 

Paul lives in Mizak with his wife and three children. He is self-taught in English, Theology, Astronomy, and Psychology. He had no income prior to HAPI though he was formerly the mayor of Mizak. His wife works as a teacher. Paul started HAPI with the idea of providing economic development for his community.

His dream is to increase the hopes of others and to encourage people to love their homeland. In addition Paul hopes that HAPI and the community will provide a future for children to grow up in a good way, including spiritual formation, developing creativity and helping them to be productive. He also hopes the community can have an infrastructure that fosters development for all, so that people in the community will not have to leave to find a better life.


Yolande staffYolande Zephir
Director of Community Health with focus on prevention

Yolande works assisting and educating the community through the HAPI clinic and community programs. She is very involved in other HAPI programs with her husband and children. She has been improving her skills with further education, volunteers regularly and is a voice for community needs.


Aimable Prevost staffAimable Prèvost
Coordinator of Children’s Ministries

Aimable is a part-time school teacher, manager of the Peace Inn and wife to Paul so she has seen the impact of leading our youth and is doing a wonderful job with the Peace Pals program that engages with 150 youth every Saturday. She is committed to helping Mizak and HAPI become a place of peace and possibilities.


Monique smile

Monique Gaston
Operations Director

Monique is a great contributor to the HAPI staff as she working on reports, organization, and so much more. Her background in teaching also brings a great desire to learn. She is a great example to the community as they see her blossom and grow in her capabilities.