HAPI exists to develop a THRIVING community by identifying, empowering and equipping local individuals to attack the social and economic conditions that perpetuate generational poverty.

Our current Focus Areas are:
-impact gender equality and women’s empowerment
     *Maintain greater than 50% female staff in professional roles
     *Host International Women’s Day conference
– ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
     *Provide local, affordable health and dental care
     *Offer maternal, newborn and child health services 
     *Provide home nurse visits to shut-in, disabled persons
-prepare young adults for skilled employment  
     *Train skills that position young adults for skilled opportunities
-reduce extreme poverty and hunger
     *Support job and business creation     
-nurture a ‘Community of Shalom’
     *Maintain safe space at Peace Park for children to play
     *Share our facility with Faith in Action Methodist congregation  
     *Promote scouts
     *Offer special activities to local public elementary school     

Please let us know your question or comments. We can be reached by regular mail at –

PO Box 68227
Grand Rapids, MI 49516-8227
or phone 616.446.9558

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  1. Hi Amanda –
    Thanks for your inquiry. We will send to our main contact person so watch for an email from Valerie.

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