The Artisans

Antilia Antoinne

embroidery, soap making, special products

Antilia Antoinne is 32 with a husband and two children aged six and eight. Her family has no income from week to week. The family garden, which was a source of some income was lost. Antilia’s hopes for her community are a health center … Read More

Marie Alice Jean Louis

painter, journals, paper mache, sewing, soap maker

Marie Alice Jean Louis is 49 years old with a husband and six children, including 9 year old Lelene who participates in the youth photo club through HAPI. Her family has no source of income. They can farm “when it rains” and can … Read More

Enith Damis

embroidery, sewing

Enith Damis is a 51 year old widow with six children at home between the ages of nine and 32. Her seventh child was adopted by her sister. Enith said she would like to be able to vote, and to have a job because she is the only one … Read More

Jhislaine Toussiant

embroidery, sewing

Jhislaine Toussaint is married with four children between 14 and 23 one of whom resides in Port au Prince. She and her family have no predictable income, though her husband does some farming. She hopes to be able to raise her children in … Read More

Joseline Boussiquot

embroidery, sewing

Josline Boursiquot, age 40, lives with her husband and has 4 children between ages six and 11, one who is living with grandmother. Her family needs a new house, but lacks the funds to build one. Her family income is very irregular. … Read More

Marie Josee Marcelin

Embroidery, sewing, doll maker, crocheting

  Marie is married and has two children ages 9 and 2.  She used to live in a dangerous area of Port au Prince but now is able to work, at the co-op in Mizak. She hope the income from HAPI will help her continue her … Read More

Merdotte Eugene

Embroidery, scarf painting, and soap maker

Merdotte is married with one child.  She takes care of two nieces along with her son.  HAPI has taught her the skills she now uses. She hopes to use the money she makes as an artisan help her pay for school and to buy shoes and school … Read More

Amide (Sanon) Milfort

Amide Sanon is 42 years old with a husband, who does some woodworking and farms for the family, and their seven children. She feels like she has learned a lot through the classes at HAPI and knows that her creativity has developed through … Read More

Romauld Damis

bags, hat, apron, tote

  Romauld has one son who is five years old.  He says that his connection to HAPI has allowed him to become better know in the community. Romauld has small tailoring business but the income is not dependable.  Working with HAPI … Read More

Nicole Douge

Artesian, painter, journals, soap maker

  Nicole Douge is 40 years old and married with five daughters. She completed the 3rd grade of primary school. Hurricane Noel destroyed their fields and damaged their house, so now they have no way to earn an income and she hopes … Read More